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Is life going through bad times? Have you been faced with difficult times? Do not worry! I have a solution to your problem. All these problems are usually due to specific positions of stars and planets. For all of these situations, there is definitely a need for astrological advice to help, definitely experienced and popular. For all of these situations, there is definitely a need for astrological advice to help, definitely experienced and popular. Its proper prediction and tantra can show you the path of the right light.

dr. kousik achariya

Best Astrologer in India

Dr Kaushik Acharya is a popular Astrologer and black magic expert in Kolkata. He is India's youngest gold medal recipient Astrologer. Dr Kaushik Acharya has been solving various problems for the last 5 years through Kamakhya Tantra. He resolves various problems, such as horoscope, ecosystems, career problems, marital problems and business problems etc.

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A horoscope is an astrological chart or diagram representing the positions of the Sun, Moon, planets, astrological aspects and sensitive angles at the time .

relationships resolve

Parents are really concerned on the delay in marriage of their children particularly in case of daughters who grow older and older to get higher studies and to settle herself in career and a desired and respectable job as well.

career development

Career problems arises when someone jump off to a different career in the flow of rat race or under family pressure.

black magic

Black magic has attracted some people and at the same time it has scared many people, and the dark magic of the past is something that many people want to be interested in, because some people have been shocked by the interest or fear of it.

feng shui

The feng shui practice discusses architecture in terms of "invisible forces" that bind the universe, earth, and humanity together, known as qi.

business improvement

Get your business problems solved by astrology. Meet business astrology expert Astrologer Dr. Koushik Acharya to get solutions for your business failure.

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1,00,000+ happy clients

I have given a large number of clients the right solution for the problem. I have now shown the way to solving the one million more happy clientele.

12+ New Chamber

I claim that the astrologer found in India's most prominent gold medalist There are twelve and more chambers all over India today.

7 Years Experience

About seven years ago, Kousik Achariya brought a great revolution in astronomy with the help of kamakha tantra. Today, for more than seven years, Kamakha Tantra solve various problems.

24x4 Helpline Support

Time is the most valuable resource to me. So I started the 24-hour helpline service for you.

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He is like my family member. He has helped me every time I needed him. I recommend all to at least to seek his help once. I hope none will be disappointed with him.

spandan roy


My life was going rough and everything feels like fallen apart until then I met him and he helped me in not only restoring my bliss of life but also guide to achieve success in my career.

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