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About dr. kousick achariya

Dr Kaushik Acharya is a popular Astrologer and black magic expert in Kolkata. He is India's youngest gold medal recipient Astrologer. Dr Kaushik Acharya has been solving various problems for the last 5 years through Kamakhya Tantra. He resolves various problems, such as horoscope, ecosystems, career problems, marital problems and business problems etc.

Every Month he goes to “Kamakhya” and “Tarapith” with his profound team of astrologers to perform one of the best “Tantra Kriya” to provide solutions of some of the problems which are basically impossible to solve. He encompasses all the qualities required for a reliable and experienced astrologer, and for him, the wellness of his clients is the most important thing in this world, for which his clients regard him as one of the best and famous strologer in West Bengal.


Dr. Kaushik Acharya always tried to understand the root cause of the problem and resolved it through the Kammakta Tantra.


Dr. Kaushik Acharya wants to make available the benefits of astrology to universalisation.

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